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About Me

Dr. J Burns Abbotsford’s Finest G.P. 

Kind and Patient

A disease may take all your strength and resources. All you need sometimes is a doctor with a different approach to life. Dr. J Burns Abbotsford will help you deal with the disease better than other doctors. He is patient and never in a hurry. Some health care professionals who are in a rush to make money quickly will handle your case robotically. Patience and kindness are the traits that follow Dr. Burns throughout his practice. 


If you have ever been to a clinic and felt that you know better than the doctor, then it is time to see Dr. J Burns Abbotsford. He has all that takes to be your family doctor. He is the doctor that showcases his skills based on a wide knowledge base. Nothing can easily pass his scrutiny because he understands the disease processes. Once you meet with him, you will appreciate his mastery of his art. He is the physician for all seasons and all times. 


You don’t have to see a doctor who does not adhere to professionalism because you have Dr. J Burns at your disposal. He maintains high professional standards and always makes you feel better. It is this professionalism that makes Dr. Burns dedicated to serving the Abbotsford area. He has a way of maintaining good patient-doctor relationships throughout. He is very thorough and leaves nothing to chance because he understands what it takes to be sick and to get better. Once you decide to engage him, you can rest assured that he will deal with all the health care matters of your family. 

Aggressiveness and Resilience 

Many doctors lose hope fighting for their patients. They are not to be blamed because some conditions are just too tough for them. How about Dr. J Burns Abbotsford? He is very aggressive and only rests when he is sure that you are out of danger. Health matters are serious matters to him and that is what makes him great. His ability to handle many things at once is a show of his resilience.